Toyzōn is a start-up toy retailer. Toyzōn is specializing in selling toys, board games, daily products and educational items for children in between the ages of 6 months to 14 years old.

A toy store that wants to bring happiness, inspiration and creativity to every child.


The objective of this project was to design a brand identity for a new toy store in the city. The logo design needed to accurately represent the company and showcase its colours, mood as well as its culture in which happiness, fun and the high quality of the products are valued. 
The brand identity needed to be colorful, but not too much. It had to attract both adults’ and childrens’ attention. It had to be playful and intellectual at the same time. A brand identity that can be easily identifiable amongst other competitors.


With the word "intellectual" in mind, the logo was mostly inspired by classic old and educational toys. The idea of the logo was to have an educational object for children, such as a puzzle piece and a wood block, incorporated within the name of the company. This was deliberately done in order to demonstrate the type of products offered and to reflect the company’s playful mood.
Three colors were used for this logo: blue to represent wisdom; violet to represent both genders and yellow to represent the joy and happiness of children.
The typeface used for the logo was created following specific characteristics, such as rounded lettering and geometric proportions to portray the playful quality of the company. Due to the heavy strokes and lack or spurs, this font looks very playful.

toyzon vantoyzon van2

The strong vibrant colours of the logo reflect the youthful and playful energy of the company. The typeface’s boldness and rounded edges make the brand look more friendly and approachable for both adults and children. Similarily, the choice of colours reflects the values and a sense of the strong, high quality products that the company offers to its customers. 

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