The journey

Acceptance is one of the basic human needs, it is related to the safety needs. It is a desire that involve emotion, health and well-being. In human psychology, acceptance is one of the strongest motivation and desire. It affect one’s self- esteem, confidence and mental health.


The objective of this project was to create an one minute long motion graphic animetion about Acceptance will be make for people who live depending on the acceptance of the others and forget about loving themselves. 

By using instrumental music, a self made poem and some graphics. The mood of the video will be serious, and nostagial with cool colours like black, white and gray. The purpose of the short video is to make the viewers to reflect on themselve whether being accepted by the others is more important than being accepted by one self.

The dark colour set the mood of depress and the typefaces that go on the background gave a feel of noise that one can feels in their daily life. The contrast of the bright colour and design at the end of the video represents the freedom and acceptance of one self.