Mak 3 Hot Sauce is a fictional handcrafted hot sauce brand created for the purpose of a school packaging project. It is a brand that specializes in selling Mexican organic hot sauce. The company is targeted towards spicy food lovers, and people with strong taste buds.


The objective of this project was to come up with a fictional product that could be sold both as a package kit and individually, all while attracting a target audience. In this case, hot sauce was chosen as the product of this project.


The name of the company was inspired by Mexican Mayan symbols. Based on an array of Mayan symbols, a particular stone, called the “Mak”, seemed to best fit the product. “Mak”, which means, “God of three” was chosen with the idea of creating three different hot sauces (Chipotle, Jalapeno, and Habanero) in mind. Each sauce also has a Mayan name to it: Keh (red) for chipotle, Sak (white) for habanero and Yak (green) for jalapeno. To reinforce the Mayan culture this product is inspired from, the visual used on the label of each bottle is a symbol of the given name of the sauce. Without getting into historic details, the graphic elements were designed to look like a simple Lino print in the center of the label.

The box holding all three bottles together is designed with a big window at the center to provide the viewer with a clear look of all three graphic elements printed on the bottle’s label. Also, to give a sense of mystery and sophistication, the colours chosen for the box were a deep vibrant blue with gold outlines.


Thanks to the big window in the front of the box, the label of the bottles and the colour of the hot sauce make the whole package look like the flag of Mexico. Even though one of the sauces is yellow and not white, the white colour on the label helps enforce the idea of Mexico colours. The style of the graphic also looks very friendly and not too serious, which brings a fun mood to the package.

Mak 3 Hot sauce

mak3 saucemak 3 logosauce symboljalapenohabanerorojacardspackage mak3mak3 closeup