Hannah Hoch is a German artist and one of the activists of the Dada movement. She was also a pioneer in the medium of photomontage. She was a big inspiration to many later artists, especially women artists. Most of her artworks were created based on how she views society. 


The purpose of this project was to design a large format hardcover art book. It had to represent the chosen artist with just a glance at the book. We then had to adapt the printed version to a mobile ebook..


To create a book jacket that can remind the audience of Hannah Hoch, the design of the cove was made using the same technique that the artist uses to create her art, in this case collage. Instead of getting into the idea of imitating one of her artworks, or creating something completely new that is not her work, an existing art piece of hers was used: her last composition “Life Portrait”. This is also the title of this art book. 

By using Photoshop, an image of Hannah Hoch and her hands was selected from the “Life Portrait”. The image of the artist herself is a strong and clear element that implies what the book is all about, and the hands represent the tools that she used. Akkurat and Sabon were used in the book to further imply the origin of the artist.


From the spine of the book to the book cover, the visual elements are able to lead the audience to the eyes on the spine, then to the artist’s name and hands, and lastly to the title of the book. Although the title is written in small type, the reader will not miss it due to the position of the hands. The eye on the spine became a strong focus point that attracts people's attention. The golden colour of the book makes it feel delicate and elegant. 

back closeup

Hannah Höch

3 books of hochfront close upthe bookhoch gif
Hannah hoch